Personal Training

With over 22 years of personal training experience working will all sizes, shapes, and ages; I customize each program to my client’s individual interests, needs, and concerns.

My focus in training is to lead the client to self-awareness of their physical, mental and emotional state through movement. The goal is to heal injuries and attitudes that impair optimum performance and training.

Over our first few sessions together, I will craft written programs to be delivered via email that you can use on your own to continue to work on your goals. I practice what I preach and build your personalized routines based on my 30+ year studies in bodybuilding, powerlifting, Martial Arts (multiple forms), gymnastics, kettlebells, running, and mountain biking. I thrive on the daily discipline and rhythm of my physical practices and strive to help each of my clients identify and hone their own motivating factors.


Personal Training Prices 

60 minute session: $75

45 minute sessions: $60

30 minute session: $45

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